Protracer Akıllı asansör teknolojisi

The passanger gets on the elevator.

Protracer Akıllı asansör teknolojisi

As soon as there is a problem with the elevator, Protracer detects the problem.

Protracer Akıllı asansör teknolojisi

The problem is forwarded to the Protracer monitoring center automatically and the relevant technical service is directed towards the elevator where the problem is experienced.

Protracer Akıllı asansör teknolojisi

Technical service solves the problem by making the necessary intervention and makes the elevator running.

What is Protracer?

Protracer is an Industry 4.0 IoT technology product. It is a two-way emergency voice communication system in compliance with relevant EN standards for remote monitoring, management of elevators and escalators.It detects safety failures such as out-of-service, revision, fire, earthquake, landing door, cabin door, general stop in the elevator and transfers it to the internet cloud system with the GSM line on it.The data is transferred securely to the elevator company's monitoring / control center and the necessary field maintenance personnel via the Cloud System.


What does Protracer do?

You can access many data such as the related performance and analysis reports of all elevators and escalators you maintain as an elevator company online via web browsers.Thanks to EMS-Elevator Tracking Program that works synchronously with Protracer, you can create work orders, create monthly / annual reports of your elevators and escalators, track your spare parts inventory, and bid to your customers.And most importantly, you can get all of these features with just one monthly lift maintenance fee.

Protracer Akıllı asansör teknolojisi

Customer Comments

"When I first heard about the system, it seemed very distant to me. I didn't need it because we already live in a small city. Because my partner wanted it, we bought a Protracer and tried it. After trying it, we couldn't leave it, because being able to follow all the elevators at the same time and to manage them remotely made us feel like we were officially jumping. We also thank you for the contents of the product box."

Customer 5

"Before the Protracer, we tried a different communication system, but whenever we needed to take action, we had to go to the elevator. Although these systems are up to date, it has hurt us that even it will save us profit. We learned the Protracer cloud system, we do everything from where we sit, here is technology!"

Customer 4

“I had hesitations about the sound quality before installing the Protracer device in our elevator because we witnessed serious deterioration in sound quality as the number of floors increased in the existing intercom systems. . We connected the Protracer device with the help of Technical Service Support Engineer Umut Bey. Result: Congratulations on clean and strong sound quality, even from the 11th floor. ”

Customer 3

“If a passenger was stuck in the elevator, we were having trouble communicating and reaching him or her. This could cause a panic for the person inside. After the Protracer was installed in our elevator, there were 3 different elevators in our building so far. In all of them, the person inside, was provided with direct and instant communication with the elevator company, and the passenger was rescued from the cabin in a short time.”

Customer 2

"With Protracer, we can now receive elevator failure notifications online. Before using the Protracer, we were notified of any malfunctions only after the malfunction occurred, by the building management or by informing the residents. With the Protracer, we can proactively intervene in elevators.”

Customer 1