On the other side of the card connection diagram drawing, which comes out of the box, is the Audio Connection Scheme. You can complete your connection by examining the scheme. You can access all other connection schemes and guides such as TS EN 81-70 Led Connection Scheme, Relay Connection Scheme, User Manual and Web Platform User Manual by clicking on the "Subscribe" button.

Protracer works with GSM SIM card. In order to use the Protracer Web platform, you need a predefined SIM card named "Elevator Package" from the operator or a SIM card with "voice and internet package together" defined by any operator.If you do not want to use the web platform, you can use any SIM card with voice and internet package from and Turkcell.Before inserting the SIM card into the Protracer device, first make sure that it is connected to the Internet and that the phone is making a voice call by plugging it into your mobile phone. Then, absolutely cancel the PIN code.

To use the web platform, you can login by clicking the "Login to System" button on the homepage. From this platform, you can define your elevators and assign emergency phone numbers to call. To get your username and password, you can create your registration by clicking the "Register to System" button. Your information will be checked and your "user name" and "password" will be sent to the phone you have specified as an SMS.

By logging into the system, you must first create your elevators by defining them. Then, you can perform emergency phone number identification operations from the related menu or by SMS method.You can assign numbers without using the web platform by sending an SMS in the form of TEL100905XX1234567 * from the SMS section of your mobile phone to the SIM card you will insert into the Protracer device.(TEL200905XX1234567 * for the second emergency phone number, TEL300905XX1234567 * for the third emergency phone number)

Apart from that, we would be pleased to assist you with all your questions, technical support needs and comments on our Whatsapp Technical Support line at + 90 850 577 8828 between 09:00 and 18:00 on weekdays.